Who doesn’t love great t-shirts! In the summer of 2003 I got tired of some of the t-shirt designs that were on the market at that time and decided that I would design and personalise my own blank t-shirts. Some of my friends liked my work enough to ask me to create custom t-shirts for them as well. Back then though my designs were all done via heat-transfer.

Flash-forward nine years later and I have never left the idea of one day designing t-shirts for a living. You can always tell when you’ve discovered your calling… it always comes back to you no matter how many times you try to forget about it or run from it. That was how phresh Ideas + Designs® was started as well. In February 2012 I screen printed my first design. It was aptly titled sneak attack™” for two reasons: 1) the graphic design (a Converse® sneaker) and 2) trying to break into an established t-shirt market. I launched the t-shirts under the phresh brand – phresh funkform™ (meaning form and function).

After selling a total of 10 t-shirts and giving away four in contests on Facebook and just randomly, I got some pretty good reviews from my customers (a lot of them friends). There was something about the brand name that made me second-guess continuing to go forward with it and so it dawned on me that sometimes the best names are the simplest ones. This is a lesson I learned from the Virgin Group started by Sir Richard Branson (also read my blog, What I Learned From the Virgin Leader and the Apple Creator).

With the aforementioned in mind I created phresh phashion™ as it communicated both what it would be providing and also reflects the phresh brand in its spelling. I plan to release several t-shirt collections of random, fun and witty ideas that inspire me.

This week two (2) new phresh phashion™ t-shirt designs inspired by my LOVE for Jamaica are in the process of being screen printed as we speak and will be available for purchase right after!! It’s a pretty BIG deal for me! I’ve always been a huge fan of t-shirts and those who know me have heard me say Starting phresh I + D® in October of 2010 was always the dream. I guess I’m getting there.Image