With powerful lines that gets you to stop and think, this poem is so good you won’t even blink. Share with your friends in a real way, we all are deluded and have already missed today.

I couldn’t resist being poetic with my opening paragraph there either when he delivers lines like this:


Written, performed & directed by British Filmmaker and Spoken Word Artist Gary Turk, in under five minutes he manages to have us rethink how our days are spent. What is the value of a minute looking at the world through our own God given lens, versus the lens of the web.

British filmmaker Gary Turk in his element

British filmmaker Gary Turk in his element

I too want to live in the real world, because life’s so short. Ironically we have to look at our smartphones, computers and tablets to watch this, but afterwards you should put them down. Live a little.

Editor’s Note: Updated on May 08, 2015