Check out “Hover Camera” from Zero Zero Robotics, a China-based robotics company pioneering the future of smart flying robotics. It’s exactly as the name suggests; a camera that hovers when you release it. If you’re thinking “Well it’s just a drone with a camera” then you’re sort of right and sort of wrong all at the same time.

Hover Camera - Release & Hover (big)

It’s quite the innovation and the simple marketing helps to put a well-deserved “spin” on the actual product itself. Hover Camera is autonomous and Zero Zero Robotics has managed to replace the traditional gimbal. It comes with a sh*tload of features like a carbon fibre casing and electronic image stabilisation (EIS). It’s portable (small enough to fit in a purse) and super-easy to use. You simply power it on, flip it open, hold it anywhere, and release it.


There’s no doubt you’ll like what it can do. Vloggers like Casey Neistat will love it. Outdoorsy/adventurous people will want to do more outdoorsy things. If Hover Camera is at the right price point, say under $500, I anticipate it will sell and sell well. Consider it the next big thing in photography, filmmaking, and vlogging. Hover Camera weighs less than 250 grams, so there’s no need to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


Although Zero Zero Robotics highlights some of Hover Cam’s primary features like throw and balance, 13MP and 4K video, and auto-follow, it says nothing about the low light performance. Let’s assume like everything else (gadgets) on the market, lighting is mediocre, so well-lit environments will always work best.

If the company’s managed to create a better gimbal than let’s say DJI (makers of UAVs) then I could see them getting a lot of licensing deals from drone companies.


Zero Zero Robotics was started by Meng Qiu Wang who is Founder and CEO with a team of 80+ employees with a diverse academic background. They’re aiming to set new standards in aero-robotics and the Hover Cam is their flagship product that was successfully funded at $25 million. Visit their website and check out Hover Cam for yourself. You might add it to your Christmas wish-list.