Every year tech changes, grows and evolves. If you want the best example of this, look no further than the TV industry. Last year, everyone couldn’t stop talking about 4K. This year, well, it’s actually still 4K, but now there are two new buzzwords attached to the devices: Dolby Vision and OLED. This provides a brighter clearer picture without increasing the number of pixels while Dolby Vision uses the raw data to constantly improve and perfect the picture on the screen.

What does this mean for you as a business owner? Actually, unless you’re selling the darn things, you probably shouldn’t pay that much attention to new TV models. You can’t impress clients with a 4K OLED monitor on your wall rather than just a plain old 4K TV. In fact, you probably won’t find anyone who can tell the difference. But it does illustrate an interesting point about tech in the fact that it is constantly moving forward and this is what, as a business owner, you need to understand.

To highlight this point further, take a look at these recent tech advances that show exactly why you should be paying attention to certain changes.

Google radically reinvents the importance of site security

HTTPS and SSL aren’t a new idea. In short, they are a way to make sure that information sent through channels on your site is encrypted. However, these days there is far more emphasis on this software, and that’s thanks to Google. The search engine giant decided to make search results safer for the masses and released an update. If you own your site, open it on a new tab right now in Google Chrome. Do you see a ‘not secure’ label in red on the search bar?

That’s because Google is marking your site as unsafe because it doesn’t have an SSL. They are easy to get, and this highlights a key reason why you must keep up to date with tech and software changes. If you don’t, you might miss something that is crucial for the future longevity of your company. According to a report, over eighty percent of users won’t buy from a site with that ‘not secure’ label.

Automation sweeps the nation and the world, but are you paying attention?

Automation has slowly crept into every aspect of the business world. Even heavy industrial sectors like manufacturing now rely on services like Parasyn SCADA and RTU solutions. These provide key software that allows you to manage assets in business effectively and efficiently which is perhaps the most important point to remember about automation. It has the potential to save you a lot of money and tech always brings this possibility. Particularly, new, innovative tech that brings fantastic new developments to the business worlds.

Logistics owners should be licking their lips at the thought of fleets that drive themselves, and restaurant owners should be rubbing their hands together at the thought of never paying a waiter/waitress again. As this tech continues to evolve their won’t be a single industry that will not benefit financially from automation.

This is just two ways that keeping up to date with the latest tech will benefit your business. New tech has the potential to change your business completely. You can use it to offer fresh, exciting, immersive experiences for your customer and make them forget all about the competition. Tech is constantly changing and evolving all around us and as a business owner, you’d be crazy not to keep an eye out for the latest advances.