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As a freelance blogger, I’ve written a variety of “phresh” stories for the Virgin Group’s Entrepreneur and Disruptors pages on

ONE — Written for the “Branded Business” series and features six tactics used by some of the world’s top brands including Guinness, GoPro, Red Bull, Starbucks, Google, and MasterCard Inc.

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Guinness new logo

TWO — Written for the “It Runs in the Family” series and features young entrepreneur of Bartley’s All In Wood, Lacey-Ann Bartley who shares five tips that can help to improve your business.

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Mango Wood bowl and Blue Mahoe salad tossers

THREE — Written for the “Future of Money” series and features the inexpensive e-payment platforms PayPal, Anywhere, Square, and Shopify that are ideal to help both micro and small businesses go cashless.

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PayAnywhere Storefront

FOUR — Written for the “How to Turn An Idea Into Reality” series and features the Founder and CEO of Braigo Labs, Shubham Banerjee who invented a Braille printer.

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